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Tyler Rogers

Tyler Rogers

Founder & Chief Financial Officer

Meet Tyler Rogers, the Founder and President of Catalyst Accounting Solutions. With a remarkable track record spanning over 10 years in the accounting industry, Tyler’s diverse background provides a range of expertise to his clients. Prior to founding Catalyst, Tyler spent time in public accounting, private equity and international manufacturing and service. Throughout his career, Tyler has developed the skills and knowledge base to help guide businesses through fast paced growth by building scalable processes and providing accurate and timely data points to help drive decision making. Prior to starting his accounting career, Tyler was a 3rd generation graduate from Southeastern Louisiana University with a degree in Accounting.


Tyler founded Catalyst in 2020 with the goal of helping businesses build a strong foundation of accounting support, deliver valuable financial insights, and provide scalable tools to support efficient operational growth.


Outside of work, Tyler spends his time with his wife of 10+ years, Lauren, and his three daughters, Karli, Aubree and Harper. During their weekends, you will find the Rogers Family at the soccer fields, gymnastics facilities, or outdoors where they enjoy hiking and kayaking.

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